Hi, I'm Trenton Z.

Welcome to 

Your friendly music-game-addicted tech guy.


This is IIDXFan.xyz, a site hosted by Trent Zimmer to host projects, info about me, and some other things. 

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Things I'm good at


I'm great at managing networks. Looking to setup a powerful office or home network? I can handle that.

Domain Management

If you have a business domain, then you understand the struggles with working on them.
I'm here to make that pain go away.

Server/Hardware Management

I'm skilled in working with servers and PCs alike! Got any hardware problem? I can find and easy way to resolve it.


Hi, I'm Trent. You probably found my site through social media, or I gave you the link. 

I've always been very interested in computers and technology, all the way back to the earliest I can remember. I've owned my own computer since I was aroud 9 or 10 and have had one up to today. 

I started working with domains when I was around 14 or 15, helping out a local school here in town. I also started helping out a local lawyer here in town around then.

I still help out at the school (mostly during the summer) and the law office's network has never been better!

The majority of my time is spent working on stupid projects or dealing with networking issues, to be honest.

I work well with other people when working on the same project, but I'm not always the most agreeable. 


Some of my daily quotes.

"I'll fix it later."

One of my main quotes. I usually use it when I *want* to fix something, but will either forget about it or just never do it. 

"It's fine."

Another quote that I use regularly. Usually used when something is clearly not fine, but I'll play it off anyways. 

"Good enough."

Use this one a lot, but not daily. If it's working enough for it to not be an issue, I'll use this.


I currently manage a handful of websites. Here are a couple for examples.
- IIDXFan.xyz and all of its subdomains.
- Both Ralph E. Sipes sites.
- PhaseII network
- And more...

Currently, I am developing an e-Amusement network named PhaseII.

While the network is still undergoing beta testing, it is now running with the WebUI under the domain name phaseii.iidxfan.xyz.

The network will support a wide variety of music games, featuring DDR, IIDX, SDVX, GFDM V-V8, and more.

I have many random projets that I've started, but haven't entirely finished. A couple for exaples could be
- PHPbb Forums for simple projects
- Test apps and services
- Purely entertainment.

I also have a couple other services like Plex, and a Minecraft server that I host.

Minecraft servers
- east1MC Minecraft server
- IIDXFan.xyz Minecraft server                 

Social Media.

Here you will find live feeds of my twitter and have access to some other live feeds I've set up.


Here are the easiest ways to get ahold of me.

Feel free to contact me whenever, I'll get back to you when I can. 


Email: [email protected]

Contact me directly

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